New Dramas & A Poll

Hi, readers!

I come bearing some exciting news. At least, I hope some of you will find it exciting. Recently, I’ve been expanding my Asian drama boundaries and I have decided to include Thai dramas (lakorns) and Filipino dramas (teleseryes) to my repertoire. How, you ask? As long as there are English subtitles available for these dramas, I will review and post about the ones that have caught (and kept) my interest.

I’ve started a currently-airing Filipino drama called On the Wings of Love. Not only do I love it, but I’m also spoiled since this drama airs every day from Monday to Friday. And to think that I thought k-dramas airing twice a week was a lot. [insert lol here] I have no idea how long the typical teleseryes last, so I’m open to learning more about them. I will be backtracking and provide some kind of review for the first 5 episodes that aired last week of On the Wings of Love. If you’re Filipino or a veteran to teleseryes’, please let me know as I’d love to have a greater understanding of these dramas. And, as usual, I’m always looking for someone to join this site to help bridge some of the gaps.

I’m not currently watching any Lakorns, but the one I did see, was Full House, a remake of the Korean drama. I never saw the k-drama, but Thailand’s version of Full House was pretty spectacular. I marathoned that in no time at all. Oh, Mike and Aom An… *dreamy sigh*

So, here’s my actual question to my dear readers: Would you like to see me cover more teleseryes’ and lakorns? Please vote in the poll and let me know what you think.


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