Hey, Where’s She Been?

So, you might have noticed that I haven’t been posting quite as much as I was in the late summer/early fall.

This, unfortunately, is attributed to my demanding job. I recently received a promotion, and I will be taking over a major account in my department. I am also a permanent employee now–not a temp. Woot!

Tomorrow I plan to update a few things on my blog–such as the dramas I’m currently watching and my recommendations. I will make time to talk about, write about, and gif about my favorite k-dramas. I even plan to update the look of this blog sometime in the next month or so.

Don’t forget that I’m still looking for someone to join my blog. You are pretty much welcome to post anything as long as it pertains to k-dramas. I also don’t expect anyone to post content weekly. At least once a month would be okay with me. If you do have any questions about the still open position, you can contact me directly at my personal email address. Make sure to put something about this blog in the title so that I don’t mistake it for spam. Thanks!


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