Confessions of a K-Drama Addict: #002

You know when you’ve reached the point where Korean Dramas are, quite literally, all that you talk about?

Maybe you shout it into the sky. Maybe you talk aloud about the wicked plot twist in your new favorite drama while you’re showering. Maybe you tell anyone who will or will not listen about how much you love k-dramas and that they should, too. Maybe your social media accounts has had a dramatic shift. Further more, maybe your posts have settled at a meager 5% real life stuff versus 95% k-drama gushing. 

Those are a lot of maybe’s. I’m quite aware. For me, a lot of these are a reality.

I consider today a successful day as a k-drama addict because I’ve convinced my best friend to start watching Korean Dramas. No, I didn’t even nag her endlessly about it, either. (Not today, at least.) We were driving home from a festival today, and she was discussing her love for all things Japanese Anime and it segued into Korean Dramas. She is open to giving them a shot. In fact, she’s starting with Rooftop Prince at my behest. I’m going to ask her to jot down her thoughts and questions so I can give her the 411 on all things k-dramas.

This is literally the most excited I’ve been all day. Ever since I started dramas in early April, every other word out of my mouth has been k-drama related. So, while I was hoping my not-so-subtle hints would paying off, I wasn’t convinced that I’d succeed. I guess I’m not a lot more insistent and persuasive. You learn something new every day.

Having someone to share the joy and beauty of k-dramas with is a pretty amazing thing, guys. Plus, if you have a drama buddy, you don’t have to go your addiction alone. The best of both world, folks.

Before I go, enjoy Lee Seung Gi being adorable!


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